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Frequently Asked Questions

When was the last year Edsel was made?

Production of the 1960 Edsel began on September 14, 1959. Introduction of the 1960 line was made on October 15, 1959. The last official day of Edsel assembly was November 19, 1959. Total Production for all 1960 models: 2,846.

How many Edsel convertibles were made in 1960?

Edsel production ended for good on November 19, 1959, and the 1960 models were scarce even then, with just 2,846 Edsels rolling out of Ford's Louisville plant, including a mere 76 Ranger convertibles, the rarest of all Edsels and, ironically, perhaps the most elegant looking of them all.

How many Edsel villagers were made in 1960?

For 1960, Villager output dropped, directly attributable to Edsel's 43-day production cycle that began in mid-October 1959 and ended in late November 1959. The lowest production number for any Edsel station wagon during its three years was the 1960 nine-passenger Villager, with just 59 units built.

What is the Edsel pages?

It's all about the car. and The Edsel Pages are designed to help new Edsel owners find parts and advice, current Edsel owners to show their cars, and future Edsel owners to find out just what they're getting into. It's all about keeping as many Edsel automobiles on the road as possible.

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