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Frequently Asked Questions

When did the Edsel Comet Come Out?

The Comet didn’t officially debut until early in the 1960 calendar year, and wasn’t at the dealerships until March of that year. It wasn’t ready when Ford’s other 1960 models debuted. I’m thinking “Edsel Comet” was going to be a Jan 1960 intro also, but they pulled the Edsel tags off at last split second.

Is this a 1960 Edsel Comet with a Pontiac grille?

At least the penultimate one has the 1960 Edsel “Pontiac” grille (not horsecollar), which would have made some sort of sense. Doesn’t the production Comet have some “E” logos somewhere, or did i imagine that? What is does look like is a badge-engineered 60 Falcon with the Pontiac silver streak on the hood.

Does the Edsel Comet have a horse collar Grill?

As you can see, the Edsel horse collar grill was narrowed to just a sliver for the comet. Indeed, it is very similar to an alternate design considered for the full-sized 1960 Edsel line, which I’ll address in a future FF installment.

What was the difference between a Ford Comet and Ford Falcon?

As a Mercury, early Comets received better grade interior trim than concurrent Falcons, and a slightly longer wheelbase. The Comet was originally planned as an Edsel model. Ford announced the end of the Edsel program on November 19, 1959. However, production of 1960 Edsels continued until late November.

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