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When was the last year Edsel was made?

Production of the 1960 Edsel began on September 14, 1959. Introduction of the 1960 line was made on October 15, 1959. The last official day of Edsel assembly was November 19, 1959. Total Production for all 1960 models: 2,846.

How many Edsel convertibles were made in 1960?

Edsel production ended for good on November 19, 1959, and the 1960 models were scarce even then, with just 2,846 Edsels rolling out of Ford's Louisville plant, including a mere 76 Ranger convertibles, the rarest of all Edsels and, ironically, perhaps the most elegant looking of them all.

What is the difference between a 1958 and 1959 Ford Edsel?

Taillights from the 1958 Continental were used, the chassis was the same as the Fairlane, and the dashboard became almost identical to the Ford. Also, as a result of the public's changing need for a more economical car, the available engine size for 1959 Edsels were significantly smaller than in the 1958 models.

What kind of spear does a 1960 Edsel have?

A single chrome spear tapered from the front wheelwell to the rear bumper. Even though the car was advertised as "New - Nifty - Thrifty", sales of the Edsel of 1960 never materialized.

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