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Frequently Asked Questions

Is 1883 a good show?

“1883” fans have taken sides in the eternal debate between a TV show’s historical accuracy and its need to entertain. You can tell that Taylor Sheridan put a lot of care and thought into recreating the atmosphere and culture of the 1880s in the show. But pieces are bound to slip through the cracks, and certain facts might need to be changed for the sake of telling a good story.

Will 1883 be back next season?

When Will the Season Finale of 1883 Air? Paramount confirmed that the season finale will be on Sunday, February 26, 2022. That means that, since the entire season of 1883 only contains 10 episodes, the series will likely air weekly, one after another until Episode 10 on that date.

Will 1883 return for Season 2?

Curiously, although further episodes of 1883 have been ordered, Paramount has stopped short of describing it as an official season 2, preferring to call the next instalment of 1883 episodes part of an anthology series. Just to make things more confusing, the next step in the Yellowstone prequel journey, is actually going to go by the name 1932.

Is '1883' returning for Season 2?

Talks of the period drama's renewal for a second season began right before the finale dropped, accompanying news of 'Yellowstone' being renewed for another season. However, '1883' creator and director Taylor Sheridan has confirmed that the series will not be returning, adding that he's "not someone who likes to tie everything up in a bow and explain how everyone lived happily after" and that he'd rather have the fans imagine what Thomas, Noemi, James, and Margaret "made of their lives."

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