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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is 101 Airborne located?

The 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) —nicknamed the Screaming Eagles— is an airborne division of the United States Army mainly trained for air assault operations. The division is headquartered at Fort Campbell, Kentucky and is currently serving in the Iraq war.

What is airborne patch?

Airborne Patches. The Airborne are brave units and individuals who appear out of nowhere jumping into battle from an aircraft and our Airborne Patches capture their history.

Was the 101st Airborne in the Korean War?

Screaming Eagles: Exploits of the 101st Airborne Civil Rights and Domestic Unrest. Although the 101st division was reactivated at the beginning of the Korean War, it wasn't deployed during the conflict and served as a training unit. Vietnam. The 101st Airborne Division truly made a name for itself during the Vietnam War. ... Persian Gulf - Desert Shield/Storm. ... Date with Destiny. ... Continued Resolve. ...

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