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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the 101st wear maroon berets?

The 101st began life as an Airborne unit of the US Army, just as the 82nd. Found this: the 82nd wear 's the maroon beret and the 101st wear the black. But you can also be in a unit that is airborne status and still wear a maroon beret . If your not in a airborne unit then you dont wear the maroon beret .

Why was the 101st Airborne called Screaming Eagles?

Why is "Screaming Eagles" the 101st's Nickname? The 101st Airborne Division's "Screaming Eagles" nickname originates from their insignia - a bald eagle on a black shield. The eagle on the patch is named "Old Abe" in honor of President Abraham Lincoln and was originally the mascot of a Wisconsin regiment during the Civil War. 3.

What does the "new" 101st Airborne Division do?

The 101st Airborne Division ("Screaming Eagles") is a specialized modular light infantry division of the US Army trained for air assault operations . The Screaming Eagles has been referred to by journalists as "the tip of the spear" as well as one of the most potent and tactically mobile of the U.S. Army's divisions.

Can I join the 101st Airborne?

Applicants seeking to join the 101st Airborne Division are required to go through a process of induction before being fully committed into the unit. Each application is required to; Be at least the age of 17 Possess a legal copy of ArmA III.

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